Latinos in Hollywood: they’re breaking all kinds of stereotypes!

1 nov 2016


One of the major changes the film industry has undergone in recent years is related to the the way Latinos are seen on the big screen. Whether they are from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru or any other country, these people are paving the way for the new generation of performers who dream about winning an Oscar, a Golden Globe, or at least the recognition of the audience. Definitely, those Latinos in Hollywood are changing the rules of the game.

Is the American Dream still that important?

Let's be honest: the tribute paid to the US film industry is kind of overrated. For a long time it seemed as if the rest of the world had nothing good or interesting to offer, or in the worst of cases would never match those productions filmed in the Land of Uncle Sam.

Pedro Pascal.

The Latino community has been represented over the years as people with a partial or complete lack of  any kind of education, or related to drug trafficking, or as maids, or just reduced to being mere assistants or employees. 

However, as working serving others shouldn’t be beneath anyone’s dignity, now these hot Latinos are proving that you can help your fellow human beings and take the lead at the same time. Within this context, any person is way more important than the American Dream itself, regardless of their nationality. 

Latinos in Hollywood: the grass is growing greener on this side of the fence

Oscar nominees Salma Hayek, Demian Bichir and Adriana Barraza have a lot to say about it. Their hard work and effort led them to international stardom, but the road they’ve walked has been full of obstacles. Now, they are recognized as leading actors in the entertainment industry, with or without criticism.

Salma Hayek.
Hayek conquered the audience with Frida (2002). Adriana Barraza got the biggest role of her career in Babel (2006) and Bichir showed what an amazing actor he is in A Better Life (2011). But long before them, other Latino icons had delighted audiences all over the world with their unique talent and on-screen performances: Anthony Quinn, Rita Moreno and Katy Jurado among them.

Kuno Becker.

Dolores Heredia.

In the 21st century, other names have joined the list: Ana De La Reguera, the gorgeous and charming Mexican actress has shared credits with Bruce Willis, Daniel Craig, Jack Black and also recently graced one of the most successful projects ever made by Netflix: Narcos.

Kuno Becker went from being a popular telenovela actor in his native Mexico to filming movies under the direction of Danny Cannon and was also seen in an episode of House M.D. Meanwhile, Manolo Cardona, a Colombian actor, is gaining worldwide fame thanks to his role as Eduardo Sandoval in Narcos, but has also appeared in USA Network’s Covert Affairs and CW’s Reign TV series.

Stephanie Sigman.

Stephanie Sigman rose to fame thanks to her leading role in the raw movie Miss Bala and then had a try joining the cast of international productions such as Spectre (2015). On the other hand, Alfonso Herrera, born in Mexico City in 1983, is being recognized by the worldwide audience as the Father Thomas Ortega in The Exorcist TV series (2016), which has gotten rave reviews from critics.

Karla Souza, another gorgeous Mexican actress is part of the cast of ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder and already has a large follower base mesmerized by her acting skills and mesmerizing blue eyes. No question about it: the gates of the showbiz universe are now wide open for her.

Manolo Cardona.

Karla Souza.

Chilean actor Pedro Pascal has delighted the audience in Game of Thrones, thus proving that Latino Men are not only “hot” as they say, but also gifted and powerful.

We could add several many names to this list and you already know most of them: Dolores Heredia, Gabriela De La Garza, Diego Luna and Sofia Vergara are also part of this distinctive army looking for a place in the entertainment industry of the United States of America.

Alfonso Herrera.
There are many Latinos in Hollywood who are making history like never before. Only time will tell who will stay and who’ll be gone. However, they all are doing a remarkable job as a part of a generation that has faced all kind of challenges in such a fearless way that even the toughest critics have surrendered themselves to their charms and talent. 

Success has indeed a high price. So, let’s give a big applause to all these ladies and gentlemen who were never afraid to pursue a dream and are setting a great example for the upcoming generation of actors who just want to share their gifts beyond languages and boundaries.



1 nov 2016